Big Impact for Firms of All Sizes

1. Ensure Quality

We understand quality control

Delivering experienced review of our output before your PMs and internal resources receive the work is key. Where some drafting services race to the bottom on rates by cutting corners, our company ensures accuracy and quality by thorough review at multiple levels.

2. Reduce Risk

Hiring is time consuming

Keeping resources adds a challenge as your competition always has a sharp eye focused on acquiring talented Architects and Drafters. We understand the risk of hiring, training and molding resources into a cultural fit. C-Level CDs shields you from attrition as our staff is invisible to your competitors. The economic edge you enjoy with our firm includes shadow staff to ensure continuous output.

3. Economic Edge

Our rates are competitive

C-Level CDs will reduce your internal costs by 50% or more. Our rate structure is not based on a 'race to the bottom'. Think of the department store that blends excellent quality with extraordinary client services. This is C-Level CDs. 

4. Flexible Capacity

We Support Firms of All Sizes

We are enthusiastic to meet with you and share our experience on scalability, project vs. monthly FTE models and how we are able to fill this niche for firms of all sizes. Please allow us the opportunity to discuss the seasonality, peaks and valleys of your work volume and how we can meet your requirements without compromising on quality, continuity or cost.

Curious about what we can do for you? Please contact us to schedule a brief call or a presentation.

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